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Marnie's world

series | Germany, United States | 26 x 26 minutes

In development:


The sequel to the globally successful feature film "The Legendary Four" (OT) ("Spy Cat")

After Marnie and her friends, the dog Elvis, the rooster Egbert and the donkey Anton were set free, they encounter a lot of cases in the human world that drive people to despair  and can only be solved by the Animal Detectives. The cat Marnie is as sharp and witty as a Miss Marple in cat form...

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01 jabo_Spy_Donkey_dancing_add9b6b9-11f7-4ed8-98ac-116f9ec13800.png


Animated TV Series

target: 7-12

Language versions: German, English

Production format: HD

Producers: White Spot Films, Wild Rooster

Season 1 (2025): 26 x 26 min (in development)

  • the series is based on the movie "Marnie's World" (SpyCat)  which has been sold in over 170 countries.

  • The film was developed by Oscar-winning filmmakers Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein

  • The figures are based  on the heroes of the Grimm's fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians"


Known in more than 170 countries, including:

  • USA

  • France

  • England

  • Germany

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • China

  • ...

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