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Wild Rooster

Joint venture of Hahn Film and White Spot Films

Wild Rooster specializes in the financing  and production of the projects and formats developed by showrunner Gerd Hahn.

Professor Gerhard Hahn is the artistic and productive mind behind internationally successful animation projects such as "Mia & Me", "Benjamin Blümchen" and "Die Sorgenfresser".

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      Prof. Gerhard Hahn:
"I am pleased about the successful merger of three proven 
Competences in our joint venture: The division of labor with Jan Bonath (production) and Joseph Brandmaier (financing) enables me to focus entirely on the invention and design of cross-target group and cross-genre material for new media and new markets."


      Jan Bonath:
"With Gerhard Hahn we have a partner with outstanding expertise in the development and production of high-quality and internationally highly successful animation projects at our side. We are very pleased to be able to focus on animation projects that can be evaluated in the multiple media channels in our joint venture and to to be able to position itself on the market in a future-proof manner."

      Josef Brandmaier:
“Negotiations to acquire the strategic stake in Hahn Entertainment began more than a year ago. We have thus succeeded in winning the absolute dream partner in the field of international animation and IP development. Together with White-Spot (already part of the Toruk Group) the foundation has been laid for further growth in the area of family entertainment. With company founder Gerhard Hahn, all productions will in future be developed and evaluated using a 360-degree approach. Further participations in the area of family entertainment are planned in order to be more active in the area of children's films and series. In addition to the existing business areas of production of animated films and series, merchandising and licensing, the focus on Metaverse, 
marketing, game development and web3 are done.”

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