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series | Germany | 26 x 7 minutes

In development:


The series tells stories about the diversity of snowflakes in a world made of snow - a universal material from which everything can be formed.

The storylines are developed by elementary school children, that are user by writers as a basis for screenplays. 

Also the different character designs are designed by the children and later implemented as 3D models.

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01 jabo_A_childlike_cute_and_smiling_snowflake-character_on_two_lo_79f3eff6-0eb7-47db-a501
04 jabo_Use_2ad24517-3a7f-4c91-8449-b5fefe1171d0.png


Animated TV Series

target: 3 - 7 years

Language versions: German, English

Production format: HD

Producers: White Spot Films, Wild Rooster, 

Season 1 (2025): 26 x 7 mins

  • Storylines are created by children and further development by writers

  • Character design is sketched by the children and later converted into 3D models

  • early stage of development


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