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Here comes Mavo

series | United States, Germany | 26 x 11 minutes

In development:


Mavo is a deaf and dumb girl who talks to her friends  in sign language. Together with them she embarks on their adventures, exploring their feelings, and how to deal with them. 

The series was developed at Gallaudet University, Washington by deaf-mute filmmakers for all people.

The sign language and the facial expressions of the characters are recorded by deaf actors using motion capture.

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Animated TV Series

target: 4 - 7 years

Language version: English, German, sign language

Production format: HD

Producers: Pigmental Studios, White Spot Films

Season 1 (2025): 52 x 10 min (in development)

  • the first animated TV series by the deaf and for the deaf and all other children in the world

  • Understand and communicate about your feelings - even if you have no words for them

  • The series is produced in 2D and 3D.

  • The linguistic adaptation of the sign language to the respective language area will be realised through re-rendering of the sign language sequences.


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