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Movie | Germany | 85 minutes

In development:


"FRONNY - The Return of a Legend"
tells the story of twelve-year-old Pepe, who finds a baby-dragon and becomes friends with the funny creature.
Of course he has to keep it as a secret and the greatest adventure of his life begins.

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Animated feature film

target: 7 - 9 years

Language versions: German, English

Production format: 4K

Producers: Filmmanufaktur Mr. Degenhardt, White Spot Films

Format (2027): 85 min (in development)

With FRONNY we seek not only to conquer the big screen, but also to create our own Fronny world with our little half-dragon.

Family entertainment promises potential for many partners. A brand's merchandising chain in the children's film segment offers long-term national and international marketing opportunities of all colours: for toy manufacturers, in the Apps area & Games, as a children's book, for confectionery manufacturers, in amusement parks, as an animated series and of course as movie. FRONNY will combine real footage with subsequently added animation - our little half-dragon - which, despite the technical feasibility, nevertheless represents a major challenge. Designed to be produced to an international standard, the film will be both charming and entertaining.


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